Megan Dorrough

Peter Smart

Areas of Practice include:


Our Firm's Belief

We have a philosophy in our Firm that all clients are important. We started this Firm from a base of one client, and we built the Firm from there. We now have a very large and varied client register, and it just keeps growing.


We are not your ‘ordinary’ lawyers, with suit and stark surrounds. Once you come into our offices, you see that we are ‘personalities’, not just that austere practitioner, sitting behind the desk, talking at you.


A large number of our clients have been using our services for many years. They are loyal to our Firm, as a small, boutique Firm in this market, that can cater for their varied needs, with that special ‘personal’ touch. Our repeat ratio of clients coming back with their varied legal issues, proves to us that our formula for Practice must work. The many clients who come to us on referral from other clients is also testament that our clients like the way we operate.


As a small operation, we offer to you courteous and dependable service, with balance. You will be dealing with either Megan Dorrough or Peter Smart directly. If that solicitor is unavailable, then our Personal Assistants will be abreast of your matter, so that they can assist you as well.


Just because we are ‘small’, does not mean that we do not undertake ‘large’ matters. Over the years, since we opened our doors, Megan Dorrough and Peter Smart have run many ‘large’ matters in many Courts, including the Federal Court, and Courts in other State jurisdictions.  We think big for you.


Business hours are made to be broken. We know that sometimes it is just not possible to attend on us in the 9:00am to 5:00pm time slot. So, by appointment, we are happy to offer interview times to clients that are outside the normal business hours, and may include appointments at weekends, if that is necessary.


Our rates and charges are disclosed to you from the beginning. You need to know from the outset how your legal costs and disbursements are charged. We offer competitive rates.


You matter – it’s not just about your matter.