Megan Dorrough

Peter Smart

Areas of Practice include:


Criminal Law



Over the years both Megan Dorrough and Peter Smart have accumulated many years of experience in dealing with Criminal Law matters, from the simple to the complex, and dealing with matters going on appeal to the Court of Criminal Appeal, and the High Court of Australia.

No Criminal law matter is too small, or too large for us to be able to provide our services to you. We can advise you on, and defend you in all criminal charges, including major (indictable) offences in both the Local and the District Court and also in the Supreme Court.


Perhaps you have to defend somebody trying to make application to the Court to have an Apprehended Violence Order made against you. We can help. Sound advice, at an early point, often makes a significant difference as to how your matter can and will proceed.



The Police want to talk to you. Talk to us first. Many of our clients know just how important it is to do so.  The Police are pressing you to give a Record of Interview – talk to us before you are interviewed.


You have been charged with driving your car under the influence of alcohol – yes, we can help. Many clients need to be assisted in handling such matters. They may seem ‘small’ matters to some, but to you, the matter is important, and good advice can help.


We pride ourselves on the ‘large’ criminal matters that we have dealt with over the years. To handle a ‘large’ matter for a client well, requires not just skill, but personal commitment. We provide that with our ‘family’ style of practice.