Megan Dorrough

Peter Smart

Areas of Practice include:


Civil Litigation and Commercial Litigation

We have the combined experience to take care of all your litigation needs in civil and commercial matters.

Commercial Litigation

Are you suing a company? Is a company suing you? Is your company suing another company? Is another company suing your company? Is there a suit that should be commenced? All of these matters can be dealt with, on your behalf, by us.



These matters can be time consuming and stressful. A careful analysis needs to be made at the outset of any such matter, to evaluate whether the matter should be pursued and if so, the best possible approach. Sometimes an economic analysis of the problems renders it necessary to give you the advice that you may not want to hear – don’t proceed, or perhaps, negotiate a settlement of the matters, for the risks are too high to let the matter continue.


Civil Litigation

To sue or not to sue – that may well be the question that you have, on a problem that fits into the Civil Litigation arena. Our staff have the experience to help.


Megan Dorrough and Peter Smart are experienced in managing Civil Litigation matters, be they small or large, from Local Court to Supreme Court.


Sometimes careful contemplation of your problem from the beginning can save you a great deal of time and money. That’s what we are here to do. We’ll look at your options, and assess what it is that can be done to solve your problem.


Often matters that lie in this area can still be resolved by mediation between the parties, rather than causing you the stress and cost of having the Court determine the matter for you. We encourage you to think about alternative ways to resolve such disputes.