Megan Dorrough

Peter Smart

Areas of Practice include:


Property Law


Our team can provide you with the advice and the assistance in all areas of Property Law.  Often people like to 'shop around' when dealing with Conveyancing matters.  We encourage you to ring for a quote on any property need that you have - be it residential, or commercial.



Peter Smart has been working in the area of Property Law for many years, and our Conveyancing Manager has extensive experience in Property Law from her 18 years of work in the legal profession. They are our Firm’s Conveyancing team, and they are ready and willing to help you with any need that you may have in this area.


Think of us when you are considering such things as:


  • Buying or selling your home or other property.
  • Commercial and retail leasing for both landlords and tenants.
  • Entering into a mortgage, or re-mortgaging your property.
  • How to best protect yourself if your mortgage falls into arrears.
  • The provision of a Guarantee for another person’s borrowings.
  • If a Lender seeks to enforce a Guarantee you have given.
  • Dealing with Local Government.



Our team can offer their services to you for any commercial real estate need that you may have. Are you buying or selling commercial premises? Are you wanting to lease out your commercial real estate? These are all matters that we can assist you with, and we offer competitive rates. Why not call and discuss your needs with us? Many of our clients come back to us with their next Property matter, which tells us that our service and price must be acceptable.