Megan Dorrough

Peter Smart

Areas of Practice include:



Workplace Relations & Industrial Law


Having problems in your work place, maybe we can help. Negotiating an Employment Contract, we can help with that too. Are you an employer, and you need advice on how to terminate an employee in the correct manner, we can assist you with this.


Our team can provide you with all your legal needs in the area of workplace relations, and Industrial Law. We have also carried out work in the Industrial Law domain for many employers, again both big and small.


Perhaps you are a company that needs to restructure your staffing. We can help. We have experience in assisting companies to restructure their staff by ensuring that all legal issues are contemplated, so as to avoid pitfalls from occurring. We can offer a comprehensive range of services to assist you in this type of endeavour.



Liquor & Gaming Services



Megan Dorrough and Peter Smart can assist you with the legal needs that you may have in the area of Liquor and Gaming services. From both small to large matters, we have the experience to cater for your need.


Over the years, we have acted for various Clubs, with their many and varied legal needs. We have had the opportunity to provide a broad range of legal services to these Clubs, and have forged close relations during those working times to offer expeditious advice, to cater for their ongoing needs, and to assist in avoiding potential legal problems arising.


Megan Dorrough has also worked in the Liquor Licensing Court defending persons charged with matters in this Court. Are you setting up a restaurant, and you need to make application for a Liquor License? We can assist you with that as well. Why not telephone our offices and take advantage of our initial interview FREE of charge and without obligation to discuss your requirements.